Monday, 16 April 2018

April 16, 2018

Digestive system and Bad Habits Which Destroy Your Health Tips & Tricks In Urdu Hindi

Today i am going to tell you about some such Bad Habits which use can be harm full after eating food.  I think Ninety out of every Hundred people suffer from these bad habits. They often have to face the type of stomach problem. If you do not do these seven things after eating. You will always be healthy and you will never have health problem. First of all i am Going to tell you about these Seven Simple Healthy Life Tips which are bellowed.

Take a Bath

The first thing is you should not take a bath after eating food. After eating a meal, The flow of the blood lead to the stomach for your digestive food can be included in the blood and your whole body could Get Energy. If you take a bath after eating so blood flow in your body will be divided into the entire body. Its flow will not be towards the stomach. The digestive food will not be included to the blood and your body will not be powerful. On other hand your digestive system will be affected That,s why half hour should be wait for taking a bath after Eating food.

Smoking Cigarettes

Do not ever smoking after after eating. According to the researchers in 2016 a cigarette that you smoke after eating it damages your body as much as 10 cigarettes. At this time Nicotine is associated with oxygen and harm your body greatly and Side Effects of Cigarettes Smoking affect your body rapidly.


Never eat fruits as well after eating a meal. Because this way stomach becomes upset. The first food exists in the stomach it has to be first digestive. If you eat fruit after the meal Because of the reason be Acidity and Gas problems can be arise. Therefore, whenever you eat fruits you should eat an hour before or after an meal. Your body Digestive as well Fruits also.

Walk or Exercise

You should not ever walk or exercise after eating. When we eat food our blood flow towards to gastroenterology. When you do exercise or walk so your blood flow will be towards your working muscles and your food will not well digestive. This may also affect your Digestive System badly.

Tea or Coffee

Tea should never be drink after eating. If you want to drink so you should drink almost after one or half hour. Because there is tenicate  in the tea that does not absorb Oxygen in our body. So do not drink tea as soon as possible after eating food.

Sleeping or Take a Rest

After eating a Meal, Do not take a rest as soon as possible. The reason for this is that you will not be able to archive food properly. Digestive system also will be worsen.

Teeth Cleaning

Many people make habit of Cleaning Teeth after eating food.  Which can harm full for your self. So always clean your teeth after half an hour. Because in your mouth which makes the saliva who always help to food digestive.

I hope these all task will be helpful for my all readers to improve their health issues. After reading my blog you will be beneficial and also follow these all important works.

Friday, 6 April 2018

April 06, 2018

Hardy Sadhu Horn Blow Video Song HD - 2016 Best Release

     Hardy Sandhu Horn Blow Video Song Jaani B Praak

Hardy Sandhu is a very famous Indian Punjabi Singer and Actor. In 2015. He was a common singer but akshay kumaar gave the chance to Movie Air Lift and Today world knows about Hardy Sadhu. The young man started his future with Movie Yaaran Da Ketchup. He sing all the songs in it and also Acting to as a Hero. The Singer released many songs. But in the Beginning of 2016, The song Horn Blow released. This song was very popular from the age of 20 to 30. This song also got award The most popular song of 2016.

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Saturday, 31 March 2018

March 31, 2018

Shahi Kaju Aloo Recipe In Urdu & English Step by Step - Cooking Pakistan

Cooking Time : 30 Minutes
Preparing : 10
Total Time  : 40 Minutes


  • Potatoes                         :          Medium Cut Pieces Half KG
  • Cooking Oil                     :          Four (Table Spoon)
  • Cashew Nuts                   :          Paste 4 (Table Spoon)
  • Ginger                            :          Paste 1 (Tablespoon) 
  • Garlic                             :          4,5 (Pieces)
  • Black Cumin                    :          1 (Tea Spoon)
  • Water Cress                     :          1 (Only)
  • Green Peppers                 :          2 Numbers (Paste)
  • Onions                            :           2 Numbers (Chopped)
  • Hot Spices                       :           Half (Tea Spoon)
  • Yogurt                             :           Half (Cup)
  • Green Coriander              :           2 (Table Spoon Chopped)
  • Milk                                 :           Quarter (Cup)
  • Edible Oil, Turmeric, Salt :           As You Need or Taste

The Method Of Preparation

  1. Fry the Potatoes in Edible Cooking Oil Their color should be Golden Brown.
  2. After that, Just make a paste of Garlic, Cashew and Ginger.
  3. Take four table spoon of edible oil in the frying pan and by putting in black cumin and watercress in it and fry for 30 seconds.
  4. And then added Green Peppers and Onions on light flame. The onions should be soft but they can not be burnt.
  5. Then add the turmeric and hot spices as in it. After that the paste was prepared add them and shake well for Mixing.
  6. Now add yogurt shake it up with a spoon. When the water of the frying becomes dry.
  7. Then add Milk and half cup of water to make it a gravy.
  8. Now it's four to five minutes to cook without lid on low flame.
  9. Add fried potatoes and green coriander to the gravy and cook on low flame.
  10. When the gravy came thick and potatoes mix.
Delicious Royal Cashew and Potato dish is ready. On the top of that garnish with cashew nuts and serve with Hot Nan or Chapati.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

March 20, 2018

Skin Whitening With Milk Beauty Tips in Urdu

Friends i will describe you some kind of milk uses and benefits who can give you a beautiful look. Many ingredients involved in milk can give you a new look. I am going to tell you how to change your Skin Whitening from the use of milk and you can also easily use it. If it is better for the body to drink, this intensive use is also important for your beauty. According to skin and Facial experts, Milk is very useful for skin. But its regular regular use also provides more benefits. Some of which are listed below.

Milk as Skin Cleaner

Milk is extremely effective to clean face skin. It clears odor from the face and removing the dead cells of the skin and open the closed cells. Milk prevents black nails and refreshing the dry skin

Use Method

Put cotton hair in the milk and apply every section of the face for five minutes. Wash the face with little hot water after a while.  

Treatment of Dried Skin Whitening Beauty With Milk

Milk for the dry skin is an excellent moisturizer. The use of which you give moisture and nutrition to your skin all day makes it beautiful and soft.

Method For Treatment

Put cotton hair once again in the milk and apply it on the whole face. Keep up to twenty minutes and then wash with the cold water. For best results, paste crude bananas together and make paste and apply this paste to face for 30 minutes.
make-a- milk-scrub

Milk Scrub For Skin Whitening Beauty Tips & Tricks

Milk can be use as a scrub It contains naturally large numbers of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This mixture is also included in the most expensive cosmetics products. Alpha Hydroxy Acids removes dead cells quickly and creates soft and smooth skin levels.

Scrub Method

Milk and honey can be made as a natural scrub. Put this scrub on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash the face with semi-hot water. Your skin will look like a quick glow.