Wednesday, 21 February 2018

What is Blogger and How To Create a Blog In Urdu & Hindi 2018

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Blogger is a great website where we can create blogs for free. This is Google,s very good product. So if you want to make a blog you do not have to register or buy your domain name and hosting. Google will provide you everything free of cost. Basically, a blogger is also a website but we can customize our own website in blogger. These days so many websites available for bloggers. The blogger tumbler and word press are very popular. 

Some time ago people used to write dairy. But today people write their own dairy on the internet. Shares with others too. Most people write their dairy on bloggers. That,s why the writer is called blogger and dairy as a blog. People share their knowledge in it so that others can benefit from it. Most people write about their daily routine. Many people who live in other countries are very interested to read this blog and they give their opinion that they look better in the comment footer section. Pictures and videos increase the beauty of blogs.

What is Blog In Urdu
What is Blog in Urdu

Types of Blogs?

Various bloggers are working in the world. They are working on different types of blogs. Today i will tell you about their types.
  • Personal or Yourself 
  • Business or Selling 
  • Professional or Different Topics
  • Viral or Social Media
  • Event

How To Make a Blog For Free

Making a blog is a very easy task. Only you have to create a Gmail account and then you can be signed in to blogger. After being signed in click on a new blog post. Then you can find your domain name and complete blog. Your blog is now ready to work. Just work on all these sections below. Let's get started.

  1. Create a new blog
  2. Choose a Domain Name
  3. Usefully Blog Setting
  4. Customize Best Template
  5. Adding SEO To The Article
  6. How to use Label's, Tag's and Description on Post
  7. Linking a post with the Other Post
  8. Widgets Information and Uses
  9. Use the Webmaster Tool
  10. Upload Sitemap
  11. Back-linking or Links to other Websites

It is very important to work on all these parts because by stepping on a ladder, You can go to your destination.

what is blog in urdu
what is a blog in Urdu

The Benefits and Loss of Blogging

Well, there are lots of blogging benefits, Butt today I will tell you about something it is very important to know. The following are given below.

Blogging Benefits

  • Domain and Hosting always provide and also free of charge
  • Create a blog without coding
  • Provides thousands of free widgets
  • Google provides so many templates for free, in addition, many websites provide you millions of templates.
  • Google help to Improve its SEO
  • You can also administer a friend to run the blog
  • Buy your domain name and convert your blogger into a website

Blogging Loss

  • The Domain is very tall and strange
  • It,s very difficult to remember it
  • Most bloggers are new and they do not know how to create a blog
  • Search Engine shows only 20% of blogs on any keyword
Friends, by doing all these things you can become a perfect blogger

what is blog in urdu
what is blog in urdu

What is a blogger in Urdu & Hindi 2018