Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Best Way to Make Money Online With Youtube in Urdu Hindi 2018

make money online with youtube 2018
The world of Internet developing the day by day. Today we will talk about most popular Video Sharing website Youtube. This is a video sharing website but we can earn good money from it. Few years ago, it was not possible. But now we can sit at home and earn money from internet. In these days Make Money Online very popular every one is taking advantage of it. I am sharing some information about you-tubing in Urdu and Hindi language in 2018.

How To Make Money On Youtube

Getting money from youtube is also very easy and difficult. Its easy to do if you know, you easily Earn Money and If you do not know then it's very difficult for you. If you know Video Editing, It's an advantage for you to easily create any video. Let's talk now on Make Money Online On Youtube. First you need to make a video that is not copyrighted and which can be created while following YouTube's rule and regulations. After that you have to create a channel who will be on a subject. And in that channel, upload the Video with SEO. Your video will never rank with out your SEO which is very important. Then you have to monetize your video to Google Adsense partner program. The numbers of times ads will run on your video, you will get money.

Make A Video

Making a video for me is a very easy task because i know video editing. I use Camtasia Studio 8 for making movies. You can use Window Media Player because it is very simple and easy, every one can use it easily to make a nice and quality video at a very short time. To create a Video for YouTube, It is necessary on work these sections which are listed below.

(1) Intro

Intro is a the essential thing for any you-tuber. Because it becomes the identity of any channel. Intro means introduction of your channel. A saying is called first expression is the last expression. So intro will have to make you small and unique. If any visitor watches your video, always remember your channel name.

(2) Outro

As intro is very important in the beginning of the video, in the end of the video, Outro is also very important. There are many software's available that we can make outro very easily.

(3) YouTube SEO

First of all i want to tell my readers SEO is not as difficult as people have made, because it's just a Trick. Just as we do Google's SEO, Similarly YouTube's SEO is done. In both of us, we try to add our content to the first page on any keyword and the name of this attempt is SEO.

(4) Thumbnail

When our video appears on the first page, the visitor clicks on the same video whose image is attractive. If you do not have a attractive thumbnail so you will miss the opportunity to a visitor. That's why it's a very important thing most people do not use it. We have many ways to create a thumbnail but mostly People use Adobe Photoshop for picture editing but Coral Draw you can use to.

YouTube Monetization

When your video is uploaded and visitors will start to coming to it. Now you can monetize your video from Google Adsense. Monetization is turned on the advertisement will begin to start after the video starts. And thus on every view you will get the money. Five years ago, you only had google adsense access but now there are many other websites that monetize our videos whose name,s are listed.
  • Vidgenx
  • Adrev
  • Freedom
  • Full Screen
  • Creators Revolution
  • ESL Video Network
  • Film Section
  • Machinima
  • Maker Studios

How Much We Can Earn From Youtube

This is a question that comes in every man's mind that wants to make money from internet. I'll answer something like this If you live in Pakistan. And your video is seen more in Pakistan. So advertisement will also appear in Pakistan. Which Pakistani advertisers who have advertised themselves with adsense on youtube. They will pay money by Pakistani currency. That's why you'll get less money but if the same video is seen in the Europe so the advertisement also will be appear only there. Which will be given by advertisers there. 

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