Saturday, 17 March 2018

Life Hacks of Coca Cola and Tips & Tricks

There are many things in our life that are very simple, But their benefits are much more surprising. Coca cola is a simple thing in our daily life that we use in our daily life. We know that soda is used in the coke but people do not know that we can also benefit from them. Today i will tell you some coca cola life hacks those who change your life. It will also provide you in Urdu and Hindi language you can easily read and understand.
All these Life Hacks can save you lots of Money by using it in your Home.

Best and Easy Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet is a very difficult task for us. Because many people use many acids to clean it and in the same circle, they lose enough money. Today i will explain cheap and efficient way. Put a bottle of coke in toilet bowl and leave one hour for soak. When one hour is passed take the toilet brush and clear the bowl and flash.  Now all the yellow colors will be honored. And bowl's real color will come out. Acid that is included in the drink all the odor will end.

Kitchen Burnt Pots

Today, food is being is used very much with burnt oil due to this, our vessels are colored are black color layer. It becomes very difficult to remove them. But it is also an easy solution which i am going to tell you. Put some coke in vessel you want to clean and leave for some hours. After that wash the vessel well. Now the dishes will be cleaned and the burnt oil is over. It is a great life hacks for kitchen pots.

Use as Medicine

There are many things in our everyday diet that are used to avoid many diseases. Of them i will give the first number to Coca Cola. If you eat more food and do not digest to much. So by taking a glass of coke everything will be digestive. This is a very useful method for good health.


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