Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Skin Whitening With Milk Beauty Tips in Urdu

Friends i will describe you some kind of milk uses and benefits who can give you a beautiful look. Many ingredients involved in milk can give you a new look. I am going to tell you how to change your Skin Whitening from the use of milk and you can also easily use it. If it is better for the body to drink, this intensive use is also important for your beauty. According to skin and Facial experts, Milk is very useful for skin. But its regular regular use also provides more benefits. Some of which are listed below.

Milk as Skin Cleaner

Milk is extremely effective to clean face skin. It clears odor from the face and removing the dead cells of the skin and open the closed cells. Milk prevents black nails and refreshing the dry skin

Use Method

Put cotton hair in the milk and apply every section of the face for five minutes. Wash the face with little hot water after a while.  

Treatment of Dried Skin Whitening Beauty With Milk

Milk for the dry skin is an excellent moisturizer. The use of which you give moisture and nutrition to your skin all day makes it beautiful and soft.

Method For Treatment

Put cotton hair once again in the milk and apply it on the whole face. Keep up to twenty minutes and then wash with the cold water. For best results, paste crude bananas together and make paste and apply this paste to face for 30 minutes.
make-a- milk-scrub

Milk Scrub For Skin Whitening Beauty Tips & Tricks

Milk can be use as a scrub It contains naturally large numbers of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This mixture is also included in the most expensive cosmetics products. Alpha Hydroxy Acids removes dead cells quickly and creates soft and smooth skin levels.

Scrub Method

Milk and honey can be made as a natural scrub. Put this scrub on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash the face with semi-hot water. Your skin will look like a quick glow.

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